Liongeist - As Soon As I Stepped Outside, Everything Got Worse

Let's go Norwegian because here we have a band that deserves to be mentioned, let's talk about Liongeist! Important to mention that the band is not new here on MJ, so here follows a brief description for those who don't know the band yet.

In activity since 2012, we can say that the band has worked very well since then. What we heard from the band made us very satisfied, they know well how to produce their music and for lovers of bands without vocals, here we have a band that will please your taste! With an approach that goes against post metal, the band also has influences from black metal to hardcore, I recommend you to listen to them and draw your own conclusions.

In his single, As Soon As I Stepped Outside, Everything Got Worse, I can say that the title of the song matches the work performed. A song that has the unique ability to make you reflect on life, on the sound and above all, on the quality committed to the song. Without a doubt, a great choice for a rainy day when the goal is to enjoy the moment!


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