LiveKill - Scum of My Life

And we're going on the road, this time to the United States of America! Let's talk about a band known as LiveKill!!!

Here we have an excellent band for metal lovers, one that has influences of alternative metal, groove metal and much more. Full of attitude, aggression, intensity and heaviness, the band gives an excellent demonstration of proven musical delivery! This band involves the listener in such a way that I can't help saying that this band is indispensable in your library!!! They have a few singles in their collection that are guaranteed to please fans of this kind of music!

Scum of My Life is an incredible song, which manages to deliver all the modernity that we can find in bands like Machine Head, and which can give new listeners an idea of the band's level of quality, where the band produces its sound in a totally unique, creative and very well done way, without losing its originality, without failing to make its personality explicit! In this song, the band manages to demonstrate very well what the band is capable of. With its weight and balanced melody, the band uses and abuses its ability to entertain and manages to do so in a unique way!!! Delivering a song that is modern, heavy, full of great moments and very well produced. Check it out!


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