MadEra - Queen Of Forever

As we continue our musical journey, today we're going to Germany! We'll be talking about the band MadEra!

It has to be said, stop everything! Here we have a band that is, to say the least, extremely versatile, creative and unique! They have influences of a good New/Rap Metal and Alternative Metal, full of attitude, aggression and heaviness, a fantastic work that manages to hold the listener by the quality performed in the songs, and that I can't help saying that it is absolutely indispensable to listen to this band!!!

Queen Of Forever was the song that introduced us to the band. With a proposal full of attitude, heaviness and aggression, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well-produced song! The song manages to transport the listener on a journey full of nuances, high moments, just the right amount of heaviness and a whole atmosphere that makes everything more intense and unique!!! Thus demonstrating a great creative quality, a mark that they make explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We really have here a band to keep on your radar and always check their musical trajectory, Recommended!