Marcio Dentro - Santuario Di Me Stesso

Let's travel to the beautiful land that is not only beautiful, but has one of the most iconic cuisines in Europe, Italy!!! Let's introduce the one man band Marcio Dentro!!!

Stop everything, put on your headphones and get ready to bang your head!!! We have here a representative of brutal death metal, the kind that leaves no one standing still! Weight, speed, aggression and a lot of frustration! Marcio Dentro is your choice for a day of intense sound!

Santuario Di Me Stesso was the song that introduced the band to us, and I can point out that as a one man band, Marcio Dentro performs a heavy, aggressive, fast and well-produced song with great skill! With a lot of creativity, we are graced with a song that knows how to captivate, check it out!!!


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