Mayleaf - The Escapist

Continuing on our road through the musical world, we're heading straight for the Netherlands!!! Let's introduce the band Mayleaf!!!

If you're a fan of a good rock band, with influences of good punk rock, grunge and all that garage rock vibe, full of attitude, aggression and intensity, you can't miss this band! It's worth mentioning that everything mentioned above is combined with very well done riffs and vocals that really do justice to bands that carry the punk rock/grunge flag! I just have to say, listen to Mayleaf!

The Escapist is an incredible song, which manages to deliver all the modernity that we can find in bands like Paramore, but without losing its originality, without failing to make its personality explicit. In this song, the band manages to demonstrate very well what they are capable of. With weight and melody balanced in a very unique way! The band uses and abuses its ability to entertain and manages to do so in a unique way!!! Delivering a song that is modern, heavy and very well produced. Check it out!