Milford Mocs & Gunther Cucs - Massa Gent

Let's travel to the neighboring land, the land of our Hermanos, Spain!!! Let's talk about the band Milford Mocs & Gunther Cucs!!!

Here we have in a simple and objective way a good and very well done Thrash Metal!!! of those that remind us of the golden age of bands like Metallica / Megadeth / Anthrax among others. Weight, speed and aggression, all in the right measure and at the speed of the beat and the great riffs played, I can only say, check it out!

Massa Gent is a song that transports its listeners to that 80s/90s thrash metal atmosphere, very direct and full of good riffs, drums that set the tone and speed, along with a very appropriate and well-chosen vocal. Check it out!!!


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