Nailed Shut MA - LUST IN THE END

It is with great pleasure that we continue our journey through the musical world, where we will go to the lands of the United States of America, as we will talk about the band Nailed Shut MA !!!!

I'll start by saying what a powerhouse!!! Let's introduce a band that knows well the meaning of weight and aggressiveness !!! With a sound that has strong influences of Metalcore, Hard Core and Alternative Metal, the band gives a lesson on how to deliver songs full of influences but with all the originality that we are looking for in bands today. A delivery full of good moments, great songs and riffs that will stay in your head, be sure to check it out !!!

The band have just released their debut album "LUST IN THE END" on December 9th, which features seven spectacular tracks, with the singles PURIFY and TEETH being the initial highlights. There's no doubt that this is a promising band that deserves all the attention.

The album is now available on the main digital platforms.