New group Dormant releases debut single 'Essence'

The Dormant is a new experimental metal unit that today releases its debut single 'Essence'.An overwhelming new release, heralding the start of something special, 'Essence' can be heard at here:

"'Essence' is about how some people can change for the worse. After trying to be there for someone and realizing you can't help, it's about reminding yourself that you don't always have to stay, sometimes you just have to put yourself first. Leave their negative essence in the past, use the energy you put into resentment to improve yourself and others around you."

Breaking genre boundaries and mixing EDM, cinematic soundtracks and heavy metal, the Dormant is made up of members of the Blood Youth, Red Method, Profiler, Sunfall e Creak. Their combination of monumental guitars, technical rhythms and catchy choruses, perfectly combined with sweeping synthesis and tension-building cinematic soundtracks, will leave listeners craving more - along with a burning passion to experience this new energy live.

Dormant consists of:

  • Moose Boakes - Vocals
  • Aidan Cooper - Base Guitar / Vocals
  • Connor Mollison - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • Rudi McDonald - Bass
  • Brad Ratcliffe - Drums

For more information:
- Dormant's YouTube
- Dormant's Instagram
- Dormant's Facebook


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