Noiz Ritual - Abuse Me

Today we are going to the ancient lands that are bathed by the Mediterranean and are full of culture, myths and philosophy, we are going to Greece!!! Let's introduce the band known as Noiz Ritual!!!

Here we have one of those bands that manages to take you on a musical journey. If you happen to be a fan of the kind of well-made alternative rock that reminds you of many bands from our teenage years, but with all the originality and creativity that only the band is capable of, who know very well how to bring together different influences and deliver a very unique sound, I recommend you listen to Noiz Ritual!

Abuse Me is a song that manages to transport the listener into the atmosphere created by the band, with a proposal to create a modern and very well-produced sound, the band gives a great demonstration of how to make the listener super interested and happy to have a good band in their player. Check them out!


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