Osiah - Elder King

Direct from the UK, further to the northeast of England, we have a band known as Osiah!

If by any chance, you want heaviness, you want aggressiveness, you want speed, a raw, aggressive and full of nuances vocal, well, I can only say that Osiah is what you need!!! We have here a drum set that could easily be a machine gun, riffs that sound like they will set your headphones on fire, a vocal that leaves nothing and no one standing still, all this, builds this band that really is a sonic punch of the highest level!!!!

Elder King, is pummeling from beginning to end, with fast riffs, extreme drums and breathtaking speed, the band explores the best of themselves and delivers something magnificent, worthy of play, replay and a loud sound to purge everything you want and in return, you will have the soul renewed by this song full of incredible moments!


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