Otto & The Shadow Hunters - Already Dead

Let's continue our adventure through the musical world, let's go to the UK! We will present the one man band known as Otto & The Shadow Hunters!!!

If you're a fan of a good rock/metal band, with influences from different styles in the world of rock/metal, full of versatility, feeling and intense moments, you can't miss this band! It's important to highlight the incredible capacity for execution present in their compositions, with their very own proposal, the band manages to deliver a modern, elaborate and very well-produced sound! For those who love a fusion of styles and vocal influences ranging from Nick Cave to Motorhead, I can tell you, this band will surprise you!

We start by listening to the single Already Dead, a song full of feeling and intensity! It's important to highlight the vocals that perfectly match the band's musical proposal, a combination of vocals and instruments that is worth gold! So, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well-produced song! demonstrating a great creative quality, a mark that is explicit in their lyrics and compositions! I recommend you listen to the song and more of the band's music!


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