Pandora's Key - Falls the Shadow

We're going sailing, to remember the great navigations, we're going to travel to one of the lands accustomed to sailing, we're going to the Netherlands, also known as Holland! We're going to talk about the band Pandora's Key!

Here I can say, without fear of making a mistake, we have a band that will capture your attention from the very first seconds of playing their songs! We have here an excellent representative of good and very concise symphonic metal, which knows very well how to combine nuances of melodic metal, power and much more!

Falls the Shadow is the kind of song that, from the very first play, manages to capture the listener and take them on a musical journey, full of life, energy, attitude and lots of speed! For those who love symphonic metal bands, I'm sure Pandora's key will be a good choice, check it out ?