Part Paladin - Atlantis

Here we go, we're going to travel to distant lands, where the climate is warm, the beaches are vast and there's a multitude of different landscapes, we're going to Australia!!! We will be presenting the band known as Part Paladin!!!

I have to say stop everything! Stop everything and come check out this band!!! We have here a band that knows very well how to incorporate alternative rock and put all the originality and creativity that the band knows very well how to add to their songs!!! It is necessary to point out that the band manages to create its sound with an energy, with an attitude and weight, which is perhaps the great differential that I need to say is very well conceived and produced!

Atlantis is that song that delivers all the energy of a good song to take on the road, to enjoy the day in its fullness and appreciate the guitar solos, and all the feeling that the band knew very well how to introduce! Highly recommended!


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