Phil Dyer - Pentlands

Today our musical journey will take us to the UK! We'll be talking about Phil Dyer's musical project

If you're a fan of good instrumental metal, with progressive metal influences, melodic metal, that impresses with its wealth of detail, which combined with good riffs and great melodies, speed and a lot of versatility, manages to capture the listener's attention? Well, I have to say that Phil Dyer has a very interesting proposal, the musician manages to deliver a modern and very well-produced sound!

Pentlands was the song that introduced us to the work of Phil Dyer in collaboration with Alex Hutchings, with a proposal full of attitude, progressiveness and virtuosity! We have here a modern, heavy and well-produced song that, after listening, we can see that the band demonstrates an excellent productive and creative quality, a mark that is explicit in their compositions with their versatility and ability to deliver! Recommended!


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