Feel the Raw Power: Reverted Drops 'No Sympathy' Single and Teases 'Beyond the Labyrinth' Album Coming in 2024

Camden Town metal band Reverted have today unveiled their new single No Sympathya haunting journey through loneliness, madness and raw emotion, accompanied by the announcement of their relentless new album 'Beyond The Labyrinth', which will be released in 2024. Watch / listen to the single here: No Sympathy:

Pure paranoia abounds in "No Sympathy". A brutal and dark piece, with a sharp focus on exploring the feeling of isolation and abandonment. The music is infectious, with exquisite guitar work that interweaves into a swirling stream of consciousness, like a plea for someone, anyone, to come. Despite all the foreshadowing, the song has a tremendous build, especially going crazy in the second half of the piece, emphasizing a descent into madness.

By far the highlight of Reverted's forthcoming album, "Beyond the Labyrinth", is the haunting video for "No Sympathy", which embodies the band's shift towards a darker, more cinematic style. Directed by Adam Leader, an award-winning producer and director of horror films such as "Feed Me" and "Hosts", the music video intensifies the sinister essence of the song with a minimalist yet tension-filled setting reminiscent of Alice in Chains' hard rock ethos. The dynamic between the characters mirrors the themes of the song, while the vocalist, with his Chris Cornell-like singing, adds a palpable anguish. Set in a dimly lit room, the video captures an atmosphere of impending doom, with subtle references to classic horror. As the narrative unfolds, the characters remain oblivious to their fate until it's too late, evoking a sense of despair and defeat. "No Sympathy" marks an audacious step for Reverted, blending haunting imagery with an ominous soundtrack in a perfect union.

"Beyond the Labyrinth" presents the desire to escape and the need to connect with others, and Reverted captures this yearning, this need to be better, in an elegant and realistic way.

Reverted, formed by Tony Vega (vocals), Daniel Ruiz (guitar), Ozzy Preciado (drums) and Luiz Lopez (bass), burst onto the scene with the EPs "Tolerance" and "Die my Saint", followed by the acclaimed album "Sputter the Worms" in 2012, selling over 8000 copies and propelling them to prominence. Next came the acoustic release "Stripping the Worms", which has been compared to Nirvana Unplugged, followed by a series of successful tours with bands such as Evile, American Head Charge and Fozzy across the UK, Mexico/Latin America and Europe, further solidifying their position in the metal scene. Reverted has been dormant in recent years, but today everything changes, as we invite you to go beyond the labyrinth...


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