Rob Favotto - 1000 Eyes

We're going on a trip, this time to the distant lands of Australia! We'll be presenting the Rob Favotto musical project!

If you're a fan of a good progressive/Djent, melodic death metal band, with influences from various styles in the world of metal, full of versatility, feeling and intense moments, you can't miss this band! It's important to highlight the incredible ability to execute their compositions, with their very own proposal, Rob Favotto manages to deliver a modern, elaborate and very well-produced sound!

We start by listening to the single 1000 Eyes, a song full of feeling and intensity! It's important to highlight the vocals that perfectly match the band's musical proposal, a combination of vocals and instruments that is worth gold! So, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well-produced song! demonstrating a great creative quality, a mark that is explicit in their lyrics and compositions! I recommend listening to the single and more of the band's music!