Round One Fight - Paper Tiger

And we're going on the road, this time to the United States of America! Let's talk about a band known as Round One Fight!

There are bands that come back to MJ when they're good, and Round One Fight is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about the band:

If you're a fan of a good metal band, with that touch of metalcore / emo core and melodic hard core, combined with a lot of weight, speed and attitude, then that's what you'll find in this band's material! It's important to highlight the band's incredible ability to execute, with its very own proposal, the band manages to deliver a modern, heavy, fast and very well-produced sound!

Paper Tiger, is a song with a proposal full of attitude, weight and aggression, the band manages to deliver an incredible and very well produced song! The song manages to transport the listener on a journey full of nuances, high moments, weight in the right measure and a whole atmosphere that makes everything more intense and unique!!! Thus demonstrating a great creative quality, a mark that they make explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We really have here a band to keep on your radar and always check their musical trajectory, Recommended!


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