Signs of Tranquility - Vivid Emotion

And let's talk about Signs of Tranquility, an American band, more precisely from Denver, CO.

We have here the pleasant surprise of meeting another band from Denver, which has an excellent female vocal that we have to say matches very well with the style proposed by the band. With a sound that could be characterized by a Melodic Metal, gothic influences and other very particular influences of the band itself but that add very well to the style presented as the final result!

Here we reviewed the single Vivid Emotion, which managed to hold the attention of this writer. I really liked what I heard, so I recommend it to you because I know you will like it! The single caught my attention in such a positive way, that I searched for more songs from the band and ended up listening to the full album, which was recently released in 2022, the homonymous Signs of Tranquility! Very well produced, songs that I liked and that I put as part of the bands I have been listening to recently, so I believe you will enjoy checking out this album! Check out Signs of Tranquility.