Solemnity - Quell The Voice of Unreason

Today our musical journey will take us to the UK! We'll be talking about the band Solemnity!

I'll start by saying what a powerhouse! Let's introduce a band that knows the meaning of heaviness and aggression!!! With a sound that has strong influences of Death Metal, Black Metal, symphonic metal and prog Metal, the band gives a lesson in how to deliver songs full of influences but with all the originality that we look for in bands today. A delivery full of good moments, great songs and riffs that will stick in your head, be sure to check it out!!!

Quell The Voice of Unreason is a song that has all the elements that drive any serious metal fan crazy! Full of aggression, heaviness and attitude, the song is a great moment to decompress and let out all your pent-up feelings, because listening to this song, you'll just want to bang your head and feel all the nuances of the song!!! Check it out!!!