Solus - Waters Of Hate

Today our musical journey will take us to the frozen lands of Finland! We'll be talking about the band Solus!

Here we have one of those bands that can take you on a musical journey, with influences from Alternative Metal, Groove Metal, Death Metal, prog metal and much more within the world of metal, the band knows how to work weight, speed and a lot of attitude. It's impressive the execution the band manages to achieve in their songs, a work that deserves to be checked out and applauded because it oozes talent and creativity! That's why I say, listen to Solus!

Waters Of Hate was the song that introduced us to the band. And as the song's name implies, we have here heavy waters, loaded with feeling and very well executed! With a tailor-made atmosphere, the band delivers exactly what you're looking for in a band of this style. Full of influences and a lot of originality, their song manages to involve the listener and make them want to hear more and more. Check them out!