Tales of Dhvaras - Fjeldslåtten

Let's travel to the lands of the North, let's go to Norway!!! Let's talk about Tales of Dhvaras!!!

My friends, as I often say, everything that's good deserves to be remembered, and here we have a more than accurate example of that. Tales Of Dhvaras is not a newcomer to MJ, as we have already had the honor of talking about this magnificent band that has pleased our ears so much. That's why I'm going to describe the band below:

My friends, stop everything you're doing right now and put all your attention and ears on this band and your eyes to read what I'm writing to you! Tales of Dhvaras is a true demonstration of talent, creativity and delivery that will delight anyone who picks up their songs from this band! With a sound based on Black Metal, Post Metal and much more, the band delivers a performance worthy of applause and a lot of attention to every detail performed, so be sure to listen to the songs that the band has available in its musical collection!!!

The band just released their latest single "Fjeldslåtten" on December 14 and it is already available on the main digital platforms.