Tektula - Crazy / You

We're continuing on our musical journey, heading straight to Germany! We'll be talking about the Tektula music project!

The band we are presenting today is the perfect band for those looking for a versatile, modern band that is strongly influenced by Industrial, Dark Metal, Gothic Rock and much more! Very well produced, full of creativity, Tektula, which represents all the power of a one man band very well, manages to captivate the attention of its listeners and involve them in this dark rock atmosphere!

Crazy is a song that I'm sure will grab your attention from the very first play! This is a bold, intense and well-produced piece of work! With an unparalleled modernity and creativity! You can see all the elements of industrial, dark rock, gothic and the intense creation of the band's creator. As Crazy had already piqued our curiosity, we were tempted to listen to more of the band's songs, and then we heard You, a song that, like the previous one, demonstrates a maturity, energy and performance that without a shadow of a doubt can and will captivate many listeners! I recommend you check it out below ?