The Divergent - Resurgence

Let's go north, more precisely to the Scandinavian lands known as Finland, because we are going to talk about the band The Divergent!

There are bands that we know their potential just by listening to a few seconds of any song they have released to the public, with The Divergent, it was nothing different. With a creative proposal of a progressive metal, extremely modern that combines elements of Djent, Metalcore and melodic death metal, without a doubt, several elements together that as unlikely as it may seem, were incorporated in a way that seems to make sense and why had not done so before! The quality of their music is really something that deserves all their success, and I accept nothing less than that you, who are reading this, put everything aside and go check this band out! I guarantee it will be worth your play ?

In their single Resurgence, the creativity, power and weight, allied to the aggressiveness very well imposed by their guitars, bass and drums, are extremely well used and very well tied by the excellent vocal that manages and very well, to maintain a very high level that makes the listener be impacted just listening for the first time! I strongly recommend it.