The Fractal Conspiracy
The Fractal Conspiracy

The Fractal Conspiracy - Rise of Tyranny

Today we continue our journey through the world of music, we are going to Latin America, more precisely to Colombia!!! We're going to present the band The Fractal Conspiracy!!!

For those of you who already follow Metaljunkbox, you know very well that we love Post Metal and bands that use these influences in their sound. Here, I present The Fractal Conspiracy, a band that combines Post Metal with all the versatility of Alternative Metal, creating a very interesting performance that captivates the listener from the very first play! That's why I say, listen to The Fractal Conspiracy.

Rise of Tyranny was the song responsible for awakening our interest in this talented band that managed to capture our gaze and make us spend a long time listening to their songs, so I can say with propriety that when you listen to this song, just like me, you can be transported to a parallel reality and live an excellent musical experience that the band manages to deliver very well in their work, check it out!!!


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