Kanenas - Fire of your soul

Today our trip will take us to a country full of islands, the cradle of democracy and modern philosophy, we're talking about the Mediterranean country known as Greece!!! We will be introducing the band O Kanenas!!!

For those who like bands that go beyond the ordinary, who know how to captivate through irreverence, the incorporation of different styles and the delivery of the best of themselves, I can say that Kanenas fulfills this role very well!!! Directly from the land that revealed Septicflesh, the band knows how to work with a huge range of influences, from Alternative Rock, Folk Metal, Hard Rock and much more!!! I can say that every influence and detail fits very well into the final result delivered by the band, which in my opinion is spectacular!!! I recommend you listen and draw your own conclusions!!!

Fire of your soul is a song full of life, feeling, weight, intensity, aggression and a quality that impresses right from the first play!!! The band is bold, daring and above all very well prepared! They manage to deliver songs that make the listener want to hear more and more. As far as I'm concerned, it's very well received! Check it out ?


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