Thredge - COMA

Today we will talk about an American band, more precisely from the city of Los Angeles, CA, let's talk a little about Thredge!

We have here a band that has recently released some singles, singles that have become part of the band's most recent album entitled "The New Plague". Their sound is really well elaborated, modern and full of influences from the most diverse genres that go from new metal, alternative to Sludge. All this junction, allied to the band's own creation, lead to a final result of great impact.

The single that we did our first audition was COMA, a single extremely well executed, with high points that left us very excited with the contours of the band's musical creation, and that was the great impulse for us to listen to more singles from the band and finally get to know the album in full. What I can say after all the appreciation is that the band has a lot to deliver, they started very well, counting with a great initial work, besides an incredible visual identity that uses elements of a catastrophic event and that falls very well to the sound they are willing to deliver. Highly recommended!