Tomb Of Minerva - Decaying Sleep

Straight from Sacramento, California, today we will talk about the band known as Tomb Of Minerva!

Here the story is different, if you are looking for a sound to relax and enjoy the day. I can say that here, the experience will be different! We have here a representative of punch in the face in the best musical style, of Death Metal done with all its quality, aggressive, insane and chaotic, with its drums that resemble a machine gun, leaving no doubt that here we will put everything out, a perfect sound to relieve all the tension after a hard and difficult day, here is the formula of renewal in the form of song, Tomb Of Minerva knows very well how to deliver a real machine gun of incredible quality!

Decaying Sleep, was the song that introduced us to the band, and I can say without any fear, it was more than enough to make us want to hear other songs besides this one! As said before, the band does not mess around, if what you like is technique allied with speed, aggressiveness, and a quality vocal, well, we have the solution here. Listen to it and draw your own conclusions!


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