Troy The Band - The Void

We're going on a journey, today we're going up a bit, we're going towards the great island of Europe, we're going to the lands of the King, we're going to the United Kingdom! We're going to present the band known as Troy The Band!!!

Come on, Troy The Band is that kind of band made for those who like a band with that very characteristic vocal, which shows a hoarse and powerful voice, combined with heavy riffs worthy of a good Stoner band, but which has many elements and genres in its sound, among them, we highlight some like Sludge, Metal, Post rock, Shoegaze, Alternative Metal and much more! Consider listening to the band's songs and drawing your own conclusions!

The Void demonstrates very well the band's creative and versatile capacity, with its riffs and electric moments, an engaging vocal and all the atmosphere and high points that the song provides, we can get into the vibe that the band wants to deliver, thus having a great time listening to this incredible song, and I tell you, check it out!!!