Vented - Vigil

And our journey through the world of music never stops, and this time, we are heading to the USA, because we have a great band to promote, Vented!

Stop whatever you are listening to, read this review and be prepared to listen to this band, because Vented will surprise you! With a modern sound, aggressive and heavy, the band establishes its Groove Metal in a very interesting way that captivates the listener to search more about the band and their work! What we heard left us very satisfied and without a doubt we have here a band with an incredible musical maturity, which reflects in the quality of their productions.

Vigil, is an excellent song to introduce the band, with the aggressiveness made to measure, allied to a great production, Vigil can hold the listener's attention and give that feeling of wanting to hear more and more! No problem at all, I recommend that you try to listen to other works by the band, because you will certainly enjoy it!