Waldläufer - Misanthrop

Let's travel to the European lands that are endowed with excellent cuisine, architecture, arts and music, let's go to Italy!!! We're going to talk about the band Waldläufer!!!

If you like Death Metal with Black Metal influences, the kind that is full of excellent riffs, aggression and heaviness, you can't miss this band! It's worth mentioning that lovers of bands like Dimmu Borgir, Bahemoth and Enslaved can find a band here to put on their list of bands to follow!!! I just have to say, listen to Waldläufer!

Misanthrop , is an authentic presentation of impeccable execution, weight and aggression, a vocal that contemplates all the instruments of the band and gives that chaotic atmosphere that is so desired in bands of this style! The band manages to deliver an incredible and very well-produced song, demonstrating an excellent creative quality that they make explicit in their lyrics and compositions! We really have a band here to keep on your radar and always check their musical trajectory, Recommended!


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