WildAsh - Dying With Me

And we are off to the road, this time to Brisbane, Australia! Let's talk about a band known as WildAsh!

There are bands that, when they're good, come back to MJ, and WildAsh is one of them! The band has already appeared here, so if you missed it, check out a bit about them:

If you are a fan of a good Metal band, with influences of Metal Core, Hard Core / Alternative Metal, full of attitude, aggressiveness, intensity and weight, you can't miss this band! It is necessary to mention that all that has been mentioned is allied to very well done riffs and a vocal that was tailor-made for the final result that the band delivers, listen to WildAsh!

Dying With Me is the band's newest release, incorporating all their influences and their unique ways of creating music, the band has all the versatility to go heavy, with a great dose of aggression in both the instrumentation and the vocals, but at the same time, they manage in the same song, cleaner moments that make that counterpoint that we like so much in bands of this genre, so I recommend, listen to WildAsh!!!


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