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Heartlistener - Perspectives (2022)

Paraná band Heartlistener formed in mid-2016 has just released their debut album titled Perspectives.
After the much praised debut EP Inner Self released in 2019, the band from Ponta Grossa didn't take long to show how much they have evolved and matured their sound and lyrics, everything in Perspectives sounds powerful and overwhelming, from the great lyrics to the exquisite balance between weight and melody that Heartlistener manages to do with property. This mix between Hardcore and Metalcore works perfectly throughout the ten songs presented here in just under thirty minutes.
Heartlistener is formed by Gustavo Martins on vocals, Renan Malaquias on guitar, André Neto on bass and Ricardo Malaquias on drums, musicians of great quality and creativity, Perspectives is intense, visceral, introspective when necessary and fundamental for the present days, without a doubt it will be among the best albums of 2022, don't lose sight of the Heartlistener from Paraná and especially from your ears.


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