Hibrya Me7amorphosis 2022 album
Hibrya Me7amorphosis 2022 album

Hibria - Me7amorphosis (2022)

The band from Rio Grande do Sul, Hibria, which is considered one of the biggest names in the Brazilian metal scene, has recently released its seventh work, the awaited Me7amorphosis! An album that received a name more than appropriate, with a beautiful cover that illustrated very well the phases of a transformation and reinvention, themes that are very well addressed on this record. Its title was not chosen by chance, the band went through a major reformulation, where only guitarist Abel Camargo remained as a member of the classic line-up. What we can say is that the choice of members was more than right! The band represented very well the union of Victor Emeka (vocals), Abel Camargo (co-founder and guitarist), Bruno Godinho (guitarist), Thiago Baumgarten (bassist) and Otávio Quiroga (drummer). In the ten tracks we heard on the album, it was clear a reinvention of a band that was not afraid to dare, combining a modern sound, with several influences from other sub-genres of metal, something we should appreciate! A band that can renew itself without losing its essence, add without breaking with its history and evolve in search of new horizons, this is what this new phase of Hibria can deliver. We have highlights of the most varied on this album, such as the track ?War Cry? that opens the album very well, energy and weight to start the album very well. The next track ?Shine? is one of those tracks that brings us back to the Hibria DNA, that evolution of the Hibria metal formula. We have to highlight the ballad ?meaning of Life? and ?Tribal Mark? that receives the special participation of ex vocalist Iuri Sanson and guitarists Diego Casper and Renato Osório, a song that deserves to be appreciated! To finish, we can say that this is without a doubt an excellent work of 2022, one of the potential competitors for the best of the year, I have no doubts that he will do very well on this path!


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