Scorpions Rock Believer 2022 1024x1024 1
Scorpions Rock Believer 2022 1024x1024 1

Scorpions - Rock Believer (2022)

Rock Believer is the 19th studio album by one of the most important heavy metal bands in history, the German Scorpions.
This is the first studio album from drummer Mikkey Dee (ex Motorhead, ex King Diamond), marking the return of the Scorpions after a long seven years since Return to Forever released in 2015.
Rock Believer presents eleven tracks and four bonus tracks with energy and weight that I haven't felt for a long time when listening to a new work from the Germans, the first point that caught my attention was the amount of riffs and solos that stay in your head, merit for the duo Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs, Another important point is the impeccable vocal of Klaus Meine that keeps captivating and moving, all this allied to the powerful energy that Mikkey Dee has inserted in the band is the result of an album of the Scorpions level, the best since the far away Unbreakable released in 2004.
We have here true stoners such as Gas In the Tank, Knock? Dead, Rock Believer, Seventh Sun songs that could be easy hits in times when radios played quality music, proving that the band is going through a very intense creative moment.
For those who still expect a new In Trance, Virgin Killer or Lovedrive sit down and cry, Rock Believer is a great album from a band with more than fifty years that is still active, delivering amazing concerts and unreleased material of great quality, if you are not satisfied I am very sorry, and I appreciate more and more that true giants like the Scorpions continue walking around here, long life to the Germans!


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