Death Metal in the 2000s, history and best 10 albums

On the threshold of the new millennium, the death metal emerged from the shadows of the underground to claim its throne in the extreme metal arena. Characterized by its relentless brutality, breakneck speed and technical complexity, the death metal of the 2000s saw the rise of bands that not only maintained the essence of the genre, but also reinvented it.

The 2000s have been especially fruitful for death metal due to a perfect storm of technical and cultural innovation. The accessibility of new recording technologies allowed for more polished production and a more devastating sound, while the internet opened doors for niche bands to reach a global audience. It was a decade where brutality met beauty, and the old and the new collided to create works that would be both timeless and revolutionary.

In this period, we witnessed the emergence of subgenres and the fusion of influences that challenged the traditional definition of death metal. Bands expanded their lyrical narratives, exploring themes ranging from ancient mythology to socio-political criticism, while musically incorporating everything from symphonic melodies to progressive elements. This was a time of bold experimentation and identity assertion, where the extreme became the norm and death metal solidified itself as an indomitable force in the heavy metal landscape.

With that in mind, let's dive into the 10 albums that defined and redefined death metal in the 2000s, showing the diversity and innovation that made this decade a golden age for the genre.

The 10 Best Death Metal Albums of the 2000s

1 scream bloody gore death

1. "Annihilation Of The Wicked" by Nile (2005)

This album is a driving force of Egyptian-themed technical death metal, combining brutal riffs with Middle Eastern scales.
Highlight: "Cast Down the Heretic
Low pointAlthough they are all very good, "User-Maat-Re" is less memorable.

2 altars of madness morbid angel

2. "Twilight Of The Thunder God" by Amon Amarth (2008)

Amon Amarth's melodic approach to death metal brought epic choruses and Viking themes.
Highlight: "Twilight of the Thunder God"
Low pointThe Guardian is a little safer than the others.

3 entombed left hand path

3. "Nightmares Made Flesh" by Bloodbath (2004)

With a supergroup cast, Bloodbath's album is a lesson in old-school brutality.
Highlight: "Eaten"
Low point"Draped in Disease" doesn't live up to the album's high standards.

4 suffocation effigy of the forgotten

4. "Close To A World Below" by Immolation (2000)

A dark and dissonant masterpiece, this album showcases Immolation's compositional complexity and oppressive atmosphere.
Highlight: "Higher Coward
Low point"Lost Passion" can be seen as less impactful.

5 cannibal corpse tomb of the mutilated

5. "Those Once Loyal" by Bolt Thrower (2005)

Ending their journey with a masterpiece, Bolt Thrower have delivered an album that distils the essence of death metal into heavy riffs and martial rhythms. "Those Once Loyal" is a tribute to both the band's consistency and their unwavering firepower, solidifying their legacy in the scene.
Highlight: "The Killchain
Low point"Entrenched" may not stand out as much as other tracks.

6 cannibal corpse the bleeding

6. "Communion" by Septicflesh (2008)

With symphonic elements, Septicflesh's "Communion" brings a cinematic scale to death metal.
Highlight: "Anubis"
Low point"Babel's Gate" is overshadowed by the album's more dynamic compositions.

7 dismember like an ever flowing stream

7. "Kill" by Cannibal Corpse (2006)

This album represents Cannibal Corpse at their most refined and relentless.
Highlight: "Make Them Suffer
Low point"Five Nails Through the Neck" doesn't capture it as effectively.

8 carcass heartwork

8. "Evangelion" by Behemoth (2009)

Evangelion" presents Behemoth in a transcendental form, mixing the fury of death metal with an almost religious grandeur. This album is a portal to a universe of extremes where the technical and the theatrical meet for a sonic black mass.
Highlight: "Ov Fire and the Void
Low point"The Seed ov I" is less immediate and engaging.

9 symbolic death

9. "Stone's Reach" by Be'lakor (2009)

The intricate melodies and progressive structures make "Stone's Reach" a standout in melodic death metal.
Highlight: "Countless Skies
Low point"Sun's Delusion" may not resonate so strongly on first listen.

10 covenant morbid angel

10. "Blackwater Park" by Opeth (2001)

Although not purely death metal, Opeth's work mixes growls and acoustic passages in a masterly way.
Highlight: "The Drapery Falls
Low point"Harvest" may seem like a break between the album's heavier moments.


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