melvins electric ballroom 2023 15
melvins electric ballroom 2023 15

The Melvins 40th Anniversary Tour in London

The Melvins, renowned for their pioneering contribution to the grunge and sludge metal genres, held a celebration in grand style for their 40-year career at the Electric Ballroom in Candem, London.

The show was opened by Taipei Houston, an emerging band that has been gaining prominence for its energetic and catchy sound. With a unique blend of alternative rock and elements of punk, Taipei Houston managed to prepare the audience for what was to come, getting the energy in the venue just right for the Melvins' arrival.

Surprisingly and ironically, the house played jazz in the moments leading up to the band's entrance. The contrast between the smooth jazz and the heavy grunge and sludge metal that the Melvins would bring was palpable and heightened the anticipation for the performance.

When the Melvins took the stage, they began with an irreverent rendition of Aha's "Take On Me" before diving into their repertoire. They then followed with "Snake Appeal," a classic from 1986, followed by a cover of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles, and then resumed with "A History of Bad Men.

As always, Buzz Osborne was in constant motion, maintaining the intensity and heaviness that the band is known for. The performance of bassist and vocalist Steven MacDonald, combined with Dale Crover's drumming, created a unique, intense, and memorable atmosphere, cementing the performance as a milestone.

With their unmatched energy and overwhelming stage presence, the Melvins showed why they are considered a pillar of Grunge and Sludge Metal. The band alternated between moments of pure intensity, with heavy riffs and overwhelming drums, and moments of greater introspection, demonstrating the versatility and depth of their music. In addition, the interaction between the band members and the audience was a notable aspect of the show, with the band frequently communicating and connecting with the crowd. All in all, the Melvins' 40th anniversary show in London was a celebration of the band's enduring legacy and contribution to music.

Photos and review by Daniel Caceiro


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