artificial language distant glow
artificial language distant glow

American prog-metal: Artificial Language releases new single, Rain Follows

Distant Glow EP to be released on March 22nd
American progressive metal outfit Artificial Language have released their new single 'Rain Follows'. It's the second track from their dynamic third album, the Distant Glow EP, which will be released independently on March 22, 2024.

'Rain Follows' is available for streaming everywhere, watch the visualizer here:

The band comments: "'Rain Follows' is written from the point of view of a miserly farmer. Due to his selfishness and belief that rain always follows the plow, the ground is now loose for the wind to pick up and fill the air. When confronted by his son, the farmer seeks his son's compliance when the community turns against them both."

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Founded in 2015, the Californians exude a musical performance full of feeling, replete with impressive vocal melodies, virtuoso ensemble, mind-blowing riffs and a powerful rhythm section, bringing forth a highly evocative, contrasting and inventive prog-orgasmic soundscape.

Their next release, the Distant Glow EP, is a bold and complex record that pushes the boundaries of musical technique, song construction, sound production and much more. Artificial Language's refined and fully mature songwriting skills go beyond musical excellence - the songs offered on the EP are written with multiple interwoven themes. An exploration of the consequences of the choices that are made languishes on the surface. Lyrically set during a dust storm-like apocalyptic event that revolves around a father and son caught up in a web of conspiracy, the EP explores coincidental events during the birth of their son, the father must make a choice to believe whether his son is an innocent soul or a herald of annihilation.
From the energetic and killer 'Two Faced Star' to the boldly aggressive final moments of 'Skinwalker', a dark piece about manipulation written from the point of view of a cult leader, which closes the Distant Glow EP in thrilling fashion, Artificial Language reach musical heights and demonstrate remarkable creativity, escaping the clich├ęs of a future classic in the progressive genre.

Elements of progressive metal along the lines of Leprous and Haken merge with anthems worthy of stadiums not far from Muse, with the musical eclecticism and wit of Between The Buried and Me.

Led perfectly by the brilliantly powerful and emotive vocals of Shay Lewis, and backed by the technical skill and intensity of Victor Corral (guitar), Charlie Robbins (guitar), Josh Riojas (bass), Jonathon Simpson (keyboards) and Jeron Schapansky (drums), Artificial Language is a group ready to reach the next level.

The band independently released their debut album, The Observer, in April 2017 to worldwide critical acclaim, followed by Now We Sleep in May 2019, which featured guest vocals from The Contortionist's Michael Lessard on the title track. The band embarked on their first tour in the spring of 2022, playing shows in cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Artificial Language made their European debut in the summer of 2022 with a UK tour and a performance at the renowned metal festival UK Tech Fest.

Artificial Language is composed of:

  • Vocals - Shay Lewis
  • Lead Guitar - Charlie Robbins
  • Base Guitar - Victor Corral
  • Bass - Josh Riojas
  • Keyboards - Jonathon Simpson
  • Drums - Jeron Schapansky

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