Among Wolves - Bahemoth

Today our musical journey will take us to the United States of America! We'll be talking about the band Among Wolves!

I'll start by saying what a powerhouse! What musical violence in more than perfect measure, what a great band!!! Among Wolves is the band that was missing from your musical collection!!! Here we have a band that is full of influences from the world of metal, a metal band of a very high level and of unparalleled creativity and execution! I can't stress enough that all lovers of good music should listen to this band, because I'm sure you'll get to know an excellent band to follow more closely ?

Bahemoth is not just any song, it is simply the translation of virtuosity, technique, weight, intensity and a musical exploration that deserves not only to be heard, but also that unique and incredible act of non-stop banging! I dare you to listen without banging your head, I dare you to listen just once, and more than that, I dare you not to listen loud and clear!!! Check it out!!!