Archierophant - Scenes From A Mirador

Today we have a band created in the UK, one of those bands that deserves to be publicized, we are talking about Archierophant!

For lovers of the darker side of metal, welcome, here we have a band that will please you. With a proposal that goes from Doom to Black Metal, we have a band that spares no efforts to deliver something of great quality and that will leave any fan of the genre very satisfied. With musical lines that go from the most atmospheric black to the most raw and intense, the band knows very well how to work all the variations within their songs and the result is something that deserves to be checked out.

In Scenes From A Mirador, right at the first play, you will be teleported to the atmosphere created by the band in this song, intense, heavy and deep, with incredible vocal lines that seek to transmit all the emotion that only black metal knows how to impose in their songs! Instrumentals note 10 and work worthy of applause, I can only say, check it out and draw your own conclusions!


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