Breakthrough Even - Material Suns II: Rediscovery

For lovers of modern, ambient metal, very well produced and with elements that can transport you to the most different places, we have your request, we are talking about the band Breakthrough Even!

These brothers from America, more precisely from Atlanta,GA, have a lot to be proud of, they have a work of excellence that will please fans of bands like TesseracT, Animals as Leaders, Leprous, Meshuggah and others. That prog, Djent, post metal influence and much more.

In their single Material Suns II: Rediscovery, it is visible the musical maturity that these brothers can play, of course, I am a big fan of this kind of sound, without a doubt, I was positively impacted by their single, which I could not stop listening more than once and of course, I heard their 2015 album Legacy of Dreams, highly recommended!

So I say, don't let the opportunity pass you by, if you read this, be sure to play the latest single Material Suns II: Rediscovery and check out the band's potential in their previous releases!