Bug Facer - Fiery Demon Attacks Old Man On Bridge

Today our musical journey will take us to the UK! We'll be talking about the band Bug Facer!!!

I'll start by saying what power and chaos!!! Let's introduce a band that knows the meaning of weight, aggression and disorder!!! With a sound that has strong influences of Noise Rock and Punk Rock, the band gives a lesson in how to deliver songs full of influences but with all the originality that we are looking for in bands today. Be sure to check them out!

Fiery Demon Attacks Old Man On Bridge is a song that has all the elements that drive any serious rock fan crazy! Full of aggression, heaviness and attitude, the song is a great moment to decompress and let out all your pent-up feelings, because listening to this song, you'll just want to bang your head and feel every nuance of the song!!! Check it out!!!


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