Burn Down Eden releases new single/video inspired by the death of Trevor Strnad

Burn Down Eden are back with a relentless new EP, entitled "Dismal", released today by Seek and Strike. The band has also released the new single/video "The War Within".

Watch the video for "The War Within" here:

This song is the perfect representation of the overall sound and vibe of this EP, which is full of energetic thrash metal excellence. Burn Down Eden are ushering in a new era of German thrash with their unique and bombastic brand of metallic ferocity.

Burn Down Eden state: "Our new single, 'The War Within', is about depression and suicide. The lyrics were inspired by the tragic and shocking death of Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) in 2022. I never saw Trevor looking depressed when I saw them live, so the fact that he committed suicide was a big shock to me and I realized how difficult it can be to see how a person really feels inside. I delved deeper into this subject and watched one of his last interviews with Metal Injection before his death. There he openly discussed how he felt inside, so many of those feelings described you can find in this song.

"The riffs and melodies have a similar feel to our previous release, 'Sermonize', only more coherent and taken to the next level. We decided to split this full-length album into two EPs. The first EP, 'Dismal', features the darkest and most intense songs, as opposed to the next EP, 'Epiphany', which has more grandiose and upbeat tracks. In the end, you'll have a powerful full-length album, 'Dismal Epiphany'.

"If you listen to them in sequence, you'll feel like an emotional rollercoaster. It's a melting pot full of technical riffs, neoclassical shredding, exotic scales, clever harmonies, groovy headbangers and lethal high-speed explosions. That's what Burn Down Eden stands for!"

"On previous releases, Pether (lead singer) would only write lyrics when inspiration struck, but this time it was different. With all the songs written at once by William and Tom (guitarists) in their big summer session, there was a stack of eight empty lyric sheets to fill by Pether for 'Dismal' and his next release. The clock was ticking loudly, as the studio was booked and the production schedule was tight. So he began to map each song into its parts and planned empty arrangement templates. The next step was to brainstorm the themes and allocate them to the songs. From there, the songs almost wrote themselves. In 'Dismal', you'll find three tales of megalomania and grandeur, one dealing with a musical serial killer and a ballad about mental health or the lack of it."

Burn Down Eden online:
- https://burndowneden.de
- https://www.facebook.com/burndowneden
- https://www.instagram.com/burndowneden_official


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