sunnata album Chasing Shadows
sunnata album Chasing Shadows

Polish doom metal band Sunnata announces new album; release single/video

Polish doom metal band Sunnata have announced that their fifth full-length album, entitled "Chasing Shadows", will be released on May 10. As a preview of the album, the band has released the gripping new single "Chimera", accompanied by a music video.

Listen to "Chimera" here:

Pre-order "Chasing Shadows" here:

According to Sunnata, "'Chimera', the opening track of 'Chasing Shadows', manifests the presence of duality throughout the universe. Like a mythical hybrid creature, the song is a bizarre mix of different genres and ideas, united in a captivating passage. From a blast beat and vocals à la Patton, through a hypnotic ceremonial construction to a heavy, rock n' roll riff, 'Chimera' proves to be an amalgamation, bringing these pieces together to form a single entity."

The album "Chasing Shadows" marks an expansion of Sunnata's sound spectrum, and is their most complex work to date. Exploring the most extreme aspects and subtle incarnations of their essence, "Chasing Shadows" is a mind-blowing soundscape, painted with captivating and eternal stories. With this release, Sunnata is free to explore new horizons.

The band has performed at several international festivals and has been invited to open shows for renowned bands such as Mastodon, Paradise Lost, Entombed AD, Rotting Christ, Sleep, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats and The Sword. To celebrate the release of the album, Sunnata will be touring Europe and the UK from May.

Check out the tour dates:

  • May 10: Warsaw, Poland - Hybrydy (Launch party)
  • May 13: Brno, Czech Republic - Kabinet Muz
  • May 14: Budapest, Hungary - Robot
  • May 15: Salzburg, Austria - Rockhouse
  • May 16: Jena, Germany - Klub Kuba
  • May 17th: Liège, Belgium - La Zone
  • May 18th: London, UK - Desertfest
  • May 20th: Lille, France - La Bulle Cafe
  • May 21: Brussels, Belgium - Le Lac
  • May 22: Nijmegen, Netherlands - Merelyn
  • May 23rd: Dresden, Germany - Ostpol
  • May 24: Poznan, Poland - 2Progi
  • May 25: Krakow, Poland - Studio
  • May 31: Esbjerg, Denmark - Fuzztival Esbjerg
  • August 17th: Bristol, UK - ArcTanGent

Tickets are available at:

Sunnata is made up of:
- Szymon Ewertowski - guitar, vocals
- Adrian Gadomski - guitar, vocals
- Michal Dobrzanski - bass, synthesizer
- Robert Ruszczyk - drums, percussion

For more information, follow the band on social media:

Tracklist of "Chasing Shadows":

  1. Chimera
  2. Torn
  3. At Dusk (Interlude)
  4. Wishbone
  5. Saviour's Raft
  6. Adrift (Reprise)
  7. The Tide
  8. Hunger
  9. Through the Abyss (Interlude)
  10. The Sleeper
  11. Like cogs in a wheel, we're trapped between waves of distorted time

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