Cult Media - I Feel Ok

And we're off on the road! This time our journey will take us through much of Europe to reach an incredible place known as Norway!!! We will be presenting the band Cult Media!!!

Cult Media is the perfect band for those who like good hard rock, with alternative rock influences and who manage to bring good songs and create their sound in a modern and very original way! They deserve every second of your attention because they know very well how to captivate their audience!

I Feel Ok is a song that's ready to be a hit, you know those songs that you know will catch on with the public? Well, I Feel Ok is exactly one of those! With a very direct proposal, with riffs, moments full of energy, drums, bass and a vocal that ties it all together and brings a unique and engaging atmosphere, where I can only say, the only problem with this song is that it ends! Check it out:


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