Exist Immortal releases new single/video 'Dreamscape'

The UK prog-metal band, Exist Immortalreturns with another catchy and melodic hit, 'Dreamscape', which further demonstrates the band's songwriting skills. The accompanying video shows the band's most recent Japanese tour in support of the legendary Cynicwhich can be seen below. The band have also just announced a series of shows in the UK (see below).

Watch the music video here:

We are excited to present our new song, 'Dreamscape', to the world. It's about escapism into a simulated/augmented world, contrasting reality with a digital realm as a metaphor for seeking inner peace and creative freedom. There is also a struggle to find tranquillity in a chaotic world and the power of imagination to overcome personal conflicts.

"We always wanted to make a cool video for a new song while we were in Japan, but when this song came up, we realized it was the perfect candidate. It's a super upbeat and energetic song and perfectly reflected the energy everyone was bringing during this trip. Plus, it was kind of a dream in itself - going out with a group of friends to play amazing shows with legends like Cynic is something that a past version of us would hardly believe was actually happening!

"This is the second in a series of new singles for which we'll be running full campaigns this year and so far we're thrilled with how this release format is working out. Each song gets the full attention it deserves and we're super confident in all of them.

"For us, this song is a great representation of what it's like to literally live the dream and do things together that we're really proud of. It's got energy, it's got a lot of nice melodies, it's got some super heavy parts and, most importantly, it's got a little bit of everything we love. It was also a really cool opportunity to emulate some of the more upbeat and catchy elements that we love in other songs, while still bringing in the super low and heavy sections that always seem to come up when we write together. We hope you enjoy it.

Exist Immortal announced the following shows, with the support of his label mates My Favourite Nemesis:

  • May 23rd: The Hairy Dog, Derby
  • May 24: Fighting Cocks, Kingston

Exist Immortal online:

- https://ex-im.co.uk/
- https://www.facebook.com/existimmortal
- https://twitter.com/ExistImmortal
- https://www.instagram.com/existimmortal


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