Half Me - Nothing Left to Lose but The Chains

We continue our search for good bands in the world of music, today our destination is Germany! We're going to talk about the band known as Half Me!!!

There are bands that don't need to be introduced; their sound speaks for itself, and in this case, it speaks very well! Half Me is the perfect band for those who want songs with weight, melody, aggression and feeling! All this in songs that follow the Metalcore school and that enchant with their creative and musical capacity!!! I highly recommend them!

Nothing Left to Lose but The Chains manages to expose the band's musical capabilities well, a well-produced song, full of weight, brutality, aggression and a lot of speed! All this based on the best Metalcore, with a lot of attitude and good representation, I strongly recommend that you get to know the song and more of the band's music!


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