Hate Complex - Parasite

Today we are going to travel to distant lands, we are going to fly directly to Oceania, we are going to Australia! We will present the band Hate Complex!!!

Hate Complex is one of those bands that knows very well how to express its identity through its songs, putting all the elements that we can highlight as musical influences Metal Metalcore, Djent and much more! For those who like bands that know how to create their sound with all the modernity that is so necessary in this world of metal, you can be sure that listening to the band's songs, you will have a great musical journey that will be worth every second of listening, check it out!!!

Parasite is a modern song, heavy, intense, full of special effects and electronics, something that gives it a futuristic touch while managing to capture attention for all the varieties of nuances that the song manages to deliver, so I reaffirm, check it out because it's worth every second!


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