visions of atlantis pirate metal
visions of atlantis pirate metal

Heavy metal pirates Visions Of Atlantis announce new album and release single/video

The pirates Visions Of Atlantis are about to take listeners on their heaviest symphonic adventure yet with their new studio album, entitled Pirates II - Armadascheduled for release on July 5, 2024 via Napalm Records. The successor to its previous highly successful release, Pirates (2022), is as high as the waves rising on the Jolly Roger - taking everything achieved so far to another level. With the second chapter of the pirate saga, Visions Of Atlantis prove that they are more than ready to claim the symphonic metal crown.

Today, the crew led by the pirate queen Clèmentine Delauney and the brave captain Michele Guaitoli reveal their first single and title track, 'Armada', along with an official video that transports listeners to the exciting universe of Visions Of Atlantis. With this track, the band takes their metal attitude even further. The track immediately shows how exciting, rich and infectious the anthem of a pirate army can be.

Watch the video here:

Pre-order the album here:

Visions Of Atlantis delivers not just a record, but a veritable hurricane of emotions with the new album Pirates II - Armada. In a journey in which listeners face their own battles and cannot resist joining the 'Armada', Visions Of Atlantis will make listeners face the 'Monsters' inside them, with catchy tunes destined to stay in their minds forever. The exciting 'Tonight I'm Alive' surprises and captivates with the rhythms of a pirate party on the eve of combat, with the electrifying rumble of a hurricane - a unique and untapped showcase of talent from Visions Of Atlantis. The burning flames of 'Hellfire' enchant the listener before the sweetness of delicate melodies accompany 'Underwater'. The cinematic adventure of the seven-minute masterpiece 'The Dead of the Sea' evokes the salty smell of the sea, making the listener feel - with every melodic twist and theatrical orchestral impact - the cannons firing and the battle roaring. Listeners will shed a tear as they wail to the tune of 'Ashes to the Sea'.

  • Pirates II - Armada will be available in the following formats:
  • Deluxe Boxset - includes 1-CD Digisleeve, Framed Backdrop, Pendant, BONUS 7″ Vinyl with exclusive songs: Side A: 'One Last Hope', Side B: 'Underwater' (Acoustic Version) - (Napalm Records orders only, limited to 500 units)
  • 2-CD Earbook (CD1: PIRATES II - ARMADA / CD2: PIRATES II - ARMADA - Orchestral Version) (Only for Napalm Records orders, limited to 500 units)
  • 2-LP Gatefold Marbled FIRE (including exclusive vinyl bonus track: 'Stormy Waters') + 7″ VINYL 'Armada' with Side A: 'Armada', Side B: 'Armada' (Orchestral Version) OCEAN BLUE (For Napalm Records orders only, limited to 300 units)
  • 2-LP Marbled MOONLIGHT OCEAN (including exclusive vinyl bonus track: 'Stormy Waters')
  • 2-LP Gatefold BLACK (including exclusive vinyl bonus track: 'Stormy Waters')
  • Music cassette (Only for Napalm Records orders)
  • 1-CD Digisleeve
  • Digital album

Visions Of Atlantis online:


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