Liongeist ? This Feels Like the End / The tunnel at the end of the light

Let's go to Norway because here we have a band that deserves to be mentioned, let's talk about Liongeist!

In activity since 2012, we can say that the band has worked very well since then, what we heard from the band made us very satisfied, they know well how to produce their sound and for lovers of bands without vocals, here's a band to please your taste! With an approach that goes from post metal, with influences from black metal to hardcore, only listening to know.

In their single This Feels Like the End, we have a song that can transport you to the most distant places, an excellent song to listen to and disconnect from the world, I was very excited at the first play, and already put myself to listen to other releases of the band, such as the single The tunnel at the end of the light, here we have a sound even heavier, a real wash in the soul of those who listen, strong and intense, everything you need after a heavy day's work. without a doubt we have here a band of great quality! strongly recommend.