Soheill - The Antagonist

Directly from the US, we went to check out this band that deserves to be mentioned here on Metaljunkbox, let's talk about Soheill!

Soheill is a multi-instrumentalist who conceived this project and gave life to his compositions, all with a lot of quality and creativity, in a style that walks between alternative rock and various influences. With an approach that brings an air of the 80s allied to a very particular modernity that is worth checking out!

In The Antagonist, we were introduced to the band's work, it was the first single we checked, a single that caught our attention, for its intense and captivating song, that knew very well how to catch the listener's attention and lead us to listen to other songs from the band. For this very reason, I recommend that you listen to the single, draw your own conclusions and look for other material already released!


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